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How to Start your first Podcast using Listnr

A quick 3 Step Guide to help you start your first Podcast with Listnr!
Written by Ananay Batra
Updated 6 months ago

Starting your own podcast with Listnr is very easy, all you need is a Listnr account with a valid Word Balance limit.

Step 1: Start

Click on the Start a Podcast button on your Listnr Dashboard.

Then, you'll be redirected to the Podcast Gallery, where you'll be able to start your First Podcast Show 🎉🎉

Once you click on Create new show, you'll be able to enter your show details: 

Once you're done entering your show details, you will have two options:

1. To either start your own show by using our Speech Synthesis Engine.
2. Upload your own Audio and use our Hosting service.

Step 2: Creating your Show

 Enter the Script for your Episode into our Show Editor and customize it all you want:

Once you'ce provided all the necessary details, you can Publish your first Episode,

Step 3: Distribute

Now your First Podcast Show is ready, you can distribute your Podcast show anywhere you want using your Share Link

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