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How to Start your first Podcast using Listnr

A quick 3 Step Guide to help you start your first Podcast with Listnr!
Written by Ananay Batra
Updated 10 months ago

Starting your own podcast with Listnr is very easy, all you need is a Listnr account with a valid Word Balance limit.

Step 1: Start

Click on the Start a Podcast button on your Listnr Dashboard.

Then, you'll be redirected to the Podcast Gallery, where you'll be able to start your First Podcast Show 🎉🎉

Once you click on Create new show, you'll be able to enter your show details: 

Once you're done entering your show details, you will have two options:

1. To either start your own show by using our Speech Synthesis Engine.
2. Upload your own Audio and use our Hosting service.

Step 2: Creating your Show

 Enter the Script for your Episode into our Show Editor and customize it all you want:

Once you'ce provided all the necessary details, you can Publish your first Episode,

Step 3: Distribute

Now your First Podcast Show is ready, you can distribute your Podcast show anywhere you want using your Share Link

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